Billing Panel (3)

Tutorials on how to use the billing panel are here.

Domain Management (2)

Domain related articles are here.

Game Panel (2)

Tutorials on how to use the game panel are here.

Minecraft (1)

Tutorials for plugins, spigot and anything else minecraft related.

Support (1)

This explains some additional things our support team can help you with.

Most Popular Articles

 Remove port from domain (SRV Record)

Hello, this tutorial will tell you how to setup SRV records and remove your port for absolutely...

 Mods and Plugins Support

Our support team is on 24/7 to help you with anything you need. We provide free mods and plugins...

 How to access the panel

Here at TorchNode we use an open-source panel called Pterodactyl but we use a custom theme and...

 How to setup votifier

In order to setup votifier, first you need to request us to open an additional port for votifier...

 How to access your server files

In order to access your files, you will need to access your server panel. If you need help doing...

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